My reflections on art at Gayles

This was the second of our Mindsprings summer retreats exploring the overlap of marking-marking and meditating.

Isobel, my friend and co-facilitator, makes it very clear that there is a distinction between making marks and making Art.

Why write about experience?

These are the
Silence Islands
where what outsiders
would consider
almost imperceptible
aural amusements
land like coconuts
on the crystalline
hammers and anvils
of the native inhabitants
Theirs is a refinement

Painting, Drawings and Pictures from 2016/17 Retreats

A selection of artworks from the "Drawing on Mindfulness" retreat at Gayles in 2016 and 2017. Many thanks to our wonderful artists and meditators

Marriage and the Vajrayana...

It feels like the start of term. After our unseasonably early Summer and hot spells, the year seems to have been teased into running a month ahead of itself.

Reggie Ray from a talk on Bodhicitta

“To see with the eyes in not to see.
To see with the mind is not to see.
The only way we truly see things is to love them.
What we don’t love, we don’t see."

In the Age of Trump, Le Pen and Brexit.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a day-long conference in Brighton hosted by the political journalist, Paul Mason.

  1. Samadhi, the forgotten twin sister of mindfulness practice, is a meditation approach that focuses on spaciousness and steadiness.
Alongside the Brighton 12-weeker

Just to give everyone the heads-up that I am posting a brief online version of the 12 week Embodied Mindfulness/ Compassion course which runs alongside the physical group that is meeting in Brighton this winter.

or the magic of the bright darkness

It’s been a couple of week’s since I left the Island. And the resonance of what we explored there seems to be growing.

Space has a sense of humour.

Being lost in our storyline is usually boring and fusty-dusty. The ego is characterised by a mirthless and relentless quality. Space is witty and light.