A keen monks asks the master:
"How long will it take me to get enlightened?"
"Oh, ten years", says the Master.
"But what if I study twice as hard, meditate twice as long? How long then?"asks the student.
"Twenty years", answers the Master.

The Eight Week Course is coming.

This was a public lecture Alistair gave to the Norwich Interfaith at the Octogon Chapel, 21st November 2012 on the subject of sexuality and spirituality.

In the current climate of wrong-headed intolerance and muddled debate over gay marriage, I'm really excited to be launching a course in 2013 aimed at LGBT men and women who might benefit from bringing a mindful perspective to the muddy waters of gay mental health.

i was sitting on the edge of the garden, watching the clouds darken then lighten then darken
and across the sky i saw words spelling out anxiety
the soil become foreign. distant below my feet
i drifted away from the smell of the approaching rain and rotting leaves

I often dream about falling. Such dreams are commonplace to the ambitious or those who climb mountains. Lately I dreamed I was clutching at the face of a rock, but it would not hold.

There's a list of behaviours guaranteed to piss off your friends after you come back from a retreat. Being preachy is probably right at the top of it.

There's a weekend workshop coming up in couple of weeks at Spa Road on Presence and Dissociation.
I'm slightly regretting using such daunting words in the title, but the therapeutic concept of dissociation is such a powerful one that I couldn't resist.

I am just bustling around packing up my fleeces, walking boots, bells and notes for the 2012 Beingfulness retreat up on Holy Island. It's more than seven years now that we've been running retreats up on this gorgeous spot.