Pictures tell a thousand words

We had a really interesting weekend at Spa Road looking at the impact of the Internet - especially social media - on our mindfulness.

I decided to run a course looking at the impact of internet-use on our mindfulness and it's led to lots of interesting conversations and reading on the subject.

Moving away from a life in bits

Four months ago, I lost my iPhone up on the South Downs during a particularly blustery winter walk.

I decided to not replace it and bought, in its place, a frustratingly simple Nokia handset with the most basic functionality: phone calls and (painfully slow) texts.

in wheat fields, worry and other modern things.

Reggie Ray made an interesting point in one of his talks that I’d never heard before.

and how thoughts grow out of it like mushrooms

I’ve just flown to Colorado in the mid-West of the US, one mile above sea-level on a massive plateau fringed by the Rockies.

It’s a long while since I’ve done a long-haul flight, not least because I suffered badly from jet-lag.

Alistair is off to the Rockies for a few weeks

Tomorrow sees me setting off to the Rockies in Colorado. The Sangre de Cristo mountains to be precise. After a few busy years studying and running Mindsprings workshops, I've elected to spend Christmas studying with Reggie Ray at his mountain retreat centre in Crestone.

What we need to say to thoughts...

One of my lovely students sent me this photo today today. She said it was the perfect instruction to thoughts that pop into our heads on a dally basis.

A basic mindfulness practice

A new podcast from the November 2014 Spa Road Anxiety weekend where Alistair taught a very simple form of mindfulness to help work with anxious states. This is a recording of the guided practice, lasting c.

Scarborough and London

Looking ahead to 2015 (gulp!) we have some new London courses at the lovely Spa Road Centre and excitingly some new venues: namely, Scarborough (finally, a course in the North of the Country) and Jersey and Dublin.

how the 'B' road of breath leads to the landscape of life

Of course, if it were that easy to sit in bliss then we’d all be doing it. So what is it in the samadhi practice that allows this transition from left to right?