Week-long retreat on Holy Isle
10 Oct 2018 to 17 Oct 2018
Lamlash Bay
KA27 8GB
United Kingdom

This autumn’s Mindsprings retreat is again looking at the subject of compassion.

Right at the heart of Buddhist practice is the quality of warm connection that is labelled - rather dauntingly - the “awakening heart”. Often we can get caught up into concept and ideas about how this compassionate heart "should" be. But approaching these bodhicitta practices from an embodied, here-and-now place makes them seem surprisingly natural and spontaneous.

Alistair who studies with Reggie Ray is teaching the embodied version of some classic ‘awakening heart’ practices and keeping the compassion warm and vital, rather than heavy and conceptual. Previous Autumn retreats have been both loving and powerful.

We would like to keep this retreat for practitioners who have some experience of a Mindsprings course or have some preferably embodied meditation practice. It’s not really suitable for complete beginners.