Sussex and Brighton

An 8-week course in Brighton
17 Jan 2018 to 7 Mar 2018
61 St James Street
United Kingdom

Alistair is back at St. Mary's for the winter of 2018 teaching an 8-week course on Immediacy.

Right at the heart of the meditative project is the recognition that fundamentally we're OK. Even though our minds may get glued up with thinking about what's wrong with our health, our relationships, our emotions, on the fundamental level Life (with a capital L) is running along regardless.

Buddhist practitioners for thousands of years have looked at methods for recognising that fundamental brightness and spaciousness of Life. Recent advances in neuroscience and biochemistry have confirmed that our somatic (i.e. bodily) intelligence is far wiser than our rather clunky thinking minds.

So this winter, we're looking at the simple (but profound) practice of immediacy - or "simply being" - and exploring ways in which we can drop the story-line that so weighs us down and step our into a reality that is alive, unpredictable but also vivid and ever-changing. More importantly still, we can live in that reality in way that focuses on others rather than ourself. Immediacy leads to kindness in all sorts of ways.

The class runs from 7pm to 9pm every Wednesday from 17th January through to 7th March.