Sussex and Brighton

A week of creative practice
8 Aug 2017 to 13 Aug 2017
Nr. East Dene
East Sussex
United Kingdom

After the great success of 2016's art and mindfulness course, Isobel and Alistair are returning to Gayles for a slightly longer, 5 day retreat at the beautiful South Downs coastal retreat centre at Gayles.

This is really not a course for people who are 'good' at art or want to improve their technical skills. Using her experience in teaching art, Isobel challenges and tickles us into letting go of our sense of control and perfectionism and with delightful exercises, indoors and out, we gradually expand our sense of possibility to take in all sorts of unexpected experiences.

Using a whole variety of materials and practices, we work singly, in pairs and as a group to create a profusion of art until the Cow Shed yoga studio is full, literally to the rafters, with colour and design.

Underpinning this is the daily structure of Alistair's meditation practices which ground us in the natural world, relax our judgemental minds and expand our sense of the possible over the course of the week.

We supply all the art materials you need. Just bring a curious mind and child's enjoyment of making marks!

The embodied science of deep meditation
30 Sep 2017 to 1 Oct 2017
40-42 Upper Gardner Street
United Kingdom

In the last few decades of neuroscience, there has been an explosion of fascinating research into 'embodiment'. This field looks at the way that the thinking mind is much less important in a healthy life than we have previously thought. The body becomes central...
Using his mix of research, therapy and Buddhist meditation, Alistair is running a 2-day exploration of this revolutionary way of experiencing ourselves. Using the tools of somatic meditation and focusing, we will look at how a stronger sense of interoception can deeper our understanding of our emotions, lessen the power of toxic thinking, reduce stress and heighten the sense of connection to others and the World.
Research shows that a healthy sense of ourselves as embodied can protect against depression, disordered eating, unregulated anxiety and a lack of vitality.
Come along to the lovely space of the Loft and open up to the wonders of the Body. Beginners and all levels welcome.