And Why It's the Better Way to Be in the World

Southbank Centre, 2nd July 2016

This is a recording of the 45-min lecture I gave at the magical woodland glade that the folks at the Southbank created for the events around Opera North's performance of the whole of Wagner's Ring Cycle.

From the Brighton 8-Week Beingfulness Course

This is an excerpt of the 2016 Winter Eight Week course taught by Alistair at St. Mary's in Brighton. It's from the seventh week where we started to explore the experience of what Alistair calls the "fifth field": the stance of the experiencer to what is experienced. Enjoy!

A public Talk 1hr 15 mins

This is a talk Alistair gave at the Samye Foundation Wales in Cardiff on Friday 26th February 2016.

It was outlining the historical precedents of the current vogue for mindfulness; making some distinctions about what exactly it is from a Buddhist point of view; discussing how it can be problematic when dealing with people who dissociate; and - in the Q&A - talking about the merits and demerits of 'mindful' colouring-in books!

A public talk 1'30"

This is a public talk and Q&A, Alistair gave in the Scarborough Art Gallery on June 26th 2015. In it he talks about the unprecedented nature of the 'social media revolution'; how the internet and social media works on the brain; how we can understand it in the buddhist terms of attachment, aversion and dissociation. And how mindfulness is the skill we need to develop to survive it.