...a Net Zombie

This is the last bit of Internet related podcastery for a while. It's the 10 bits of advice I gave at the end of my 2015 talk on the Internet and Meditation in Scarborough.

And how mindfulness can save us.

This is the second extract from a talk I gave in Scarborough in 2015 on the subject of 'Mindfulness in the Age of Twitter'. This part looks at the way the "attention economy" of the Net can rob us of our full and embodied sense of life.

...and why Twitter may be eating your being

This is Part 1 of a series of podcasts on the effect of Internet use on the brain. It's excerpted from a talk I gave in Scarborough back in 2015. This part looks at how the Web fires up potent areas of the brain...and how that impacts our sense of being alive.

"I-me-mine" thinking

This is an excerpt from the 2016 Samadhi Retreat up on Holy Island where Alistair and the group discuss the nature of thinking and particularly those thoughts that 'scrunch' us away from openness.

This is an excerpt from the 6 week course in Mindfulness taught in 2016 at St Mary's Church in Brighton. Alistair uses the image of the scrunched up scarf (which he, in turn learned from the Dharma Ocean teacher, Neil McKinlay)to illustrate how awareness becomes claustrophobic in direct relationship to the number of I-me-mine thoughts.