Week Six - Fuelrods of Awareness

This is the final session of the six weeks of Embodied Mindfulness at St Mary's. Held on the Winter Solstice 2016.

Week 5 - The Emotions

This is the 5th part of the Mindsprings online course looking at embodied mindfulness, mirroring the course at St. Mary's in Brighton.

22' sitting up

A short guided meditation to ground awareness in the lower belly or tan'tien.

Week Four - The Scrunch

It's the fourth week of our online somatic mindfulness course. This week we have two guided meditations: one a relaxation lying down and another a progressive relaxation of deep holding in the body. There are two talks. One addressing the issue of resistance to the somatic practice. And a second looking at the fundamental 'scrunch' against experience that the ego mind manufactures.

Week Three - Thinking vs. Awareness

Here are the three recordings from the Embodied Mindfulness Course at St Mary's, Brighton from November 2016. The first outlines the week's focus and the second two are guided meditations. For more information on the Online Course please see here.