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Mindsprings was set up by Alistair Appleton to bring basic practices of meditation or mindfulness to people in all different walks of life: students, workers, parents, the stressed and the depressed but also those seeking positive change and optimal living.  We believe the basic life-skill of meditation is useful and beneficial to everyone. It allows us to come back into the freshness of the present moment and unweave those damaging knots of thinking that tangle us all.

  • study with Alistair from the safety of your own home with our online school.
  • if you’d like to learn meditation with us, you can find all the details of courses on the course page
  • there’s some news and current thoughts about mindfulness and meditation on the blog
  • and we’ve collected texts and notes and in our library.
  • you can access a selection of talks and guided meditations on the podcast page.
  • or if you fancy seeing some of the places where we run courses, please click through to our beautiful galleries.
  • and, of course if you’d like to book a course then you can use Paypal direct from the site, to book and pay for things securely.
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