Is Tapping anti-Buddhist?

 In the early summer, I ran a course at the Spa Road Buddhist Centre in Bermondsey, London on the subject of tapping and meditation. It was the first time I had taught on these two subjects together, despite having practised and taught meditation for a couple of decades and used tapping in my personal life […]

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Working with emotions using meditation

The evolutionary background of working with emotions using meditation. We are emotional creatures.  From an evolutionary perspective, we’ve been emotional about 54x longer than we’ve been rational. And this is reflected in our bodies and brains.  Evolution doesn’t work by clean starts. It’s always working with what  was there before. So when our hominid forebears […]

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New Holy Island Gallery 2018

This is a new gallery of pictures of Holy Island. They’re mostly taken from the Mindsprings summer and autumn retreats. There’s views from Lamlash and on the ferry over. There’s Sarah and Jane, Kirsty and Alistair. Rainbows, cute animals and food!   If you’d like to experience it for yourself then please come. It’s a […]

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Joys of a real Scottish meditation retreat

This summer (and again in October) Mindsprings is hosting our annual Scottish Meditation retreat on Holy Island. So I thought I’d take a moment to wax lyrical about this most special of places and most special of events.  It’s like a vast granite crystal. And the power of it throbs up through your feet when […]

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What is somatic meditation?


What does this word somatic mean and how does it relate to meditation? Somatic meditation means ‘of the body’ in contrast to ‘of the mind’ or the psyche. The soma points us to the raw material of the human body rather than the mind. For several years now I’ve been moving towards a style of […]

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Talk at the British Museum


One of the lovely things about being a teacher for a while is that ex-students pop up in unusual places. I was really incredibly flattered to be asked by my ex-student Freddie Matthews, who heads up the events at the British Museum in London, to co-present an evening event at the Museum on the subject […]

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The toad that croaks “No!”


This was the second of our Mindsprings summer retreats exploring the overlap of marking-marking and meditating. Isobel, my friend and co-facilitator, makes it very clear that there is a distinction between making marks and making Art. So often, the ‘idea’ of Art is one of perfection, of perfect versimilitude, of accurate draughtmanship and photographic realism. […]

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What Mindsprings Stands For


A couple of weeks ago I went to a day-long conference in Brighton hosted by the political journalist, Paul Mason. There were a number of interesting speakers but it was Mason’s closing speech that really cut the deepest. Bear in mind this was just a week after Trump had been elected President, a few months […]

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Ten Reasons Why Samadhi is so Necessary Right Now

Samadhi, the forgotten twin sister of mindfulness practice, is a meditation approach that focuses on spaciousness and steadiness. In this world where media memes of fear, xenophobia, paranoia and envy seem to be becoming more and more inescapable, having some sense of the gaps and space in between the barrage of stimuli is life-saving. Samadhi […]

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Free Online Beingfulness/Compassion Course

Just to give everyone the heads-up that I am posting a brief online version of the 12 week Embodied Mindfulness/ Compassion course which runs alongside the physical group that is meeting in Brighton this winter. Each week there will be a short talk and a guided meditation. Anyone who wishes to follow along and ask […]

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