Ryan#5: Dharma Poetics…

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These are the Silence Islands where what outsiders would consider almost imperceptible aural amusements land like coconuts on the crystalline hammers and anvils of the native inhabitants Theirs is a refinement so exquisite that, for example, to rhyme anything with hibiscus is interdicted anytime children or anyone weakened by sickness is expected. The Silence Islands […]

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Start of Term


It feels like the start of term. After our unseasonably early Summer and hot spells, the year seems to have been teased into running a month ahead of itself. The bushes are full of blackberries, which usually don’t appear until mid-September, the apples in the orchard are ready for picking, there’s definitely a tiny sniff […]

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What Mindsprings Stands For


A couple of weeks ago I went to a day-long conference in Brighton hosted by the political journalist, Paul Mason. There were a number of interesting speakers but it was Mason’s closing speech that really cut the deepest. Bear in mind this was just a week after Trump had been elected President, a few months […]

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Ten Reasons Why Samadhi is so Necessary Right Now

Samadhi, the forgotten twin sister of mindfulness practice, is a meditation approach that focuses on spaciousness and steadiness. In this world where media memes of fear, xenophobia, paranoia and envy seem to be becoming more and more inescapable, having some sense of the gaps and space in between the barrage of stimuli is life-saving. Samadhi […]

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Samahi and the Sacred


It’s been a couple of week’s since I left the Island. And the resonance of what we explored there seems to be growing. First off, it was a very powerful group and a lot of powerful magic happened in the 6 days of the retreat – all of it swirling around the central point of […]

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Samadhi Tip #8

Being lost in our storyline is usually boring and fusty-dusty. The ego is characterised by a mirthless and relentless quality. Space is witty and light. When we rest in the fluid and spacious experience of samahdi then the solidity and mirthlessness of the ego often strikes us as intensely funny. Feel free to chuckle at […]

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Samadhi Tip #7

In contrast to yesterday’s feeling of constriction, take time in your meditation practice (lying or sitting down) or at any other quiet moment of the day to drop down into the spaciousness of the lower belly and below if you can. Really find it – if only for a few seconds – and then come […]

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Samadhi Tip #6

Central to the project of samadhi is recognising the scrunched-up, constricted feeling of being ‘lost in your thoughts’. Spend time today really catching yourself (your mind AND your soma) scrunching up in chains of ‘I-me-my” thinking. Remember how it feels.

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Samadhi Tip #5

Like all practice, samadhi builds up over time. We are cultivating the mental habit of placing our awareness where WE chose to place it (rather than where Big Business or habit wants to place it.) And in samadhi practice we train our awareness to rest in space.

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Samadhi Tip #4

The key tool in samadhi practice is coming to recognise that where we breath is parallel to where awareness flows and settles. The breath guides the awareness where we chose to place it. This ‘awareness breath’ is not limited to the physical lungs and nostrils. We can move it around the body and beyond. Practice […]

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