Football and Buddhism: A post-match analysis

England 1-Croatia 2: how football and Buddhism mix Like great swathes of the UK I was watching the football World Cup Semi-Final this Wednesday.  I’m not a huge soccer fan. I sometimes get swept up in the World Cup fever but, to be honest, I prefer Rugby for that. (More points scored, bigger thighs.) But […]

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Dissociation: Greying out the Mind

Since finishing my therapy degree 6 years ago, dissociation has haunted me…   The image I often use to describe dissociation is the ‘greyed out’ options you see on your computer when you click on a tab. You really want to press it but, for some reason,  the system has greyed it out. For humans, […]

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THE THREE GREAT AGENDAS: #1 Aggression, your inner Ghengis Khan

This is the first of a set of three blog posts on the three great agendas that we secretly (or not so secretly) commit to when we let the Ego run things. The first of the three agendas is… Aggression
 Not many of us want to admit to being aggressive. It’s not ‘done’ in polite […]

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HEATH-ROBINSON MACHINES: Uninventing the Ego-Contraption

While we up on Holy Island this month, the retreatants and I were discussing the ludicrous tangles our thinking minds get into. When we first sit down on the cushion as practitioners, we are mostly dealing with the chattering of the thinking mind. Then, as we practice mindfulness and start to get a bit familiar […]

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The toad that croaks “No!”


This was the second of our Mindsprings summer retreats exploring the overlap of marking-marking and meditating. Isobel, my friend and co-facilitator, makes it very clear that there is a distinction between making marks and making Art. So often, the ‘idea’ of Art is one of perfection, of perfect versimilitude, of accurate draughtmanship and photographic realism. […]

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“I don’t eat that vegetarian shit”


The other day over lunch, Sussex acquaintance of mine – a “shooting, hunting’n’riding” type – was pointing out to me how his hippy and Reiki master brother wouldn’t do anything to help him if he were in trouble whereas the cantankerous, old farmer he hunted with would go out of his way to help when […]

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Finding meaning in dark days:


There was a great podcast from Reggie this week. I don’t know who choses the bits of his back catalogue to excerpt but it felt like it was masterfully matched to all the listeners in the UK trying to process the referendum vote last Thursday. He’s talking to the 100 or so meditators on the […]

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Stress Less:


There was a madcap article in the New Statesman this week which tried to argue that stress was a hoax dreamed up by the tobacco industry to sell more cigarettes in the 1960s. Leaving aside its very partial use of research to back up its claims, the article also plays suspiciously into the idea that […]

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not-at-homeness and the “They”


I’ve been thinking a lot about stress lately. Partly because I’m teaching a course about it in London later in the year but also because I’ve been feeling stressed even though I’ve just had (on paper) one of the most stress-free winters on record.

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