Kay Ryan #1

Imagine a train-track figure made of sliver over sliver of between-car vision, each slice too brief to add detail or deepen: that could be a hat if it’s a person if it’s a person if it’s a person. Just the same scant information timed to supplant the same scant information. KAY RYAN, Train-Track Figure I […]

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On bodies, bloody flip-flops and Greek Gravel


I have been reading Matthew Crawford’s brilliant book The World Beyond Your Head which has really inspired me. Like Alva Noë’s Out of Our Heads it comes from a field of embodied neuroscience that is producing some of the most interesting contemporary thinking around consciousness and how it arises. In essence, these writers and researchers […]

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Beingfulness and the Common Spaces


The simple musical score of moving around in a world. The put-put of my feet on the kitchen lino, moving a pot here and there. Cracking eggs, stirring a pan. The ache in the arches of my feet – almost like the bruise of the earth entering from below, rising up soil-like through my ankles […]

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“The Internet 2.0 is making us psychotic”. Discuss, while walking


It’s the first morning home and my feet are remarkably spry. Perhaps it’s the constancy of walking long-distance that finally wins the body over: “Ah, well, if this is the way it’s going to be, let’s just fall in line. After all it is only walking.” The brain, slowly, spacily, falls back into body. Winchester […]

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“Dangerous Mindfulness”:

A couple of participants have forwarded me articles connected to Miguel Farias and Catherine Wikholm’s book ‘The Buddha Pill: Can meditation change you?”. I haven’t read the book but looked over the article in the Independent and the slide-show published to publicise the book. In essence, Farias and Wikholm seem to be asking for a […]

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We had a really interesting weekend at Spa Road looking at the impact of the Internet – especially social media – on our mindfulness. And one of the participants pointed me to these great pics… Please enjoy and squirm as I did. I particularly liked the “Y-y-y-yes Master!” one…

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Share, share, share


I decided to run a course looking at the impact of internet-use on our mindfulness and it’s led to lots of interesting conversations and reading on the subject. I’ve been forced to think a bit more about how there is a connection between our ‘urge’ to share and the Internet’s need for us to share. […]

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The Mark of Cain…


Reggie Ray made an interesting point in one of his talks that I’d never heard before. He’s very big on the shift from the hunter-gather lifestyle (59’30” of the human historical hour) to the agricultural way of life (the last 30 seconds). For most of the human genome’s life we were hunter gathers, integrated into […]

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The organic substrate of emotions

I’ve just flown to Colorado in the mid-West of the US, one mile above sea-level on a massive plateau fringed by the Rockies. 
It’s a long while since I’ve done a long-haul flight, not least because I suffered badly from jet-lag. Biologically, it’s the one thing our body cannot adjust to, since evolution has created […]

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Holy Island (Part 3)

Of course, if it were that easy to sit in bliss then we’d all be doing it. So what is it in the samadhi practice that allows this transition from left to right? Essentially, the genius of the Buddha, 2,500 years ago, was to work out a way to achieve this move. Long before the […]

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