“Karma does not decay like external things, or even become inoperative. It cannot be destroyed by time, fire, or water. Its power will never disappear, until it is ripened.” Sogyal Rinpoche

Looking back over my blogs from the past, I came across this. It’s such a cluster of ironies and internal meanings that I thought I had to post it.

Of course, it was posted long before Sogyal Rinpoche was completely disgraced for the sexual and emotional abuse of his female students. But that only further enriches his comments on karma.

And it’s also long before my tangling and disentangling from Reggie’s karmic knot and the implications that this has for Mindsprings in 2019. So to have Sogyal’s quote about karma etched onto my (much younger) face seems pleasingly admonitory.

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  • Jill Lawrence says:

    Hello Alistair, Don’t know if you remember us but David and I have been to your mediation course in Brighton in the winter. I have been reading your blog and I feel you need much support so I will hold a focus of love, light and the pink ray on all levels of being for you.
    Many blessings. x

    • alistairappleton says:

      HI Jill, Of course! How are you both? We were sorry not to see you at St Mary’s this time round. It was a lovely group. Thank you for the pink ray… Much needed! Ax

  • Alistair, I just want to say that you are being far,far too hard on yourself here. You are head and shoulders above these men and I’m certain that you and Mindsprings will continue to be the success it’s always been.
    Blessings Patti X

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