Sleekening the hull at 9,000ft above sea level

The first fear
being drowning, the
ship’s first shape
was a raft, which
was hard to unflatten
after that didn’t
happen. It’s awkward
to have to do one’s
planning in extremis
in the early years —
so hard to hide later:

stumbling down the mountain to ink again

Imagine a
train-track figure
made of sliver
over sliver of
vision, each
slice too brief
to add detail
or deepen: that
could be a hat
if it’s a person
if it’s a person
if it’s a person.

I have been reading Matthew Crawford’s brilliant book The World Beyond Your Head which has really inspired me.

Stepping out into the shared World

The simple musical score of moving around in a world.

It’s the first morning home and my feet are remarkably spry.

A response to Farias and Wikholm

A couple of participants have forwarded me articles connected to Miguel Farias and Catherine Wikholm’s book ‘Th

Sam Lee's Nightingale Walk

There was a madcap drive through country lanes, haunted by pale meadowsweet in the dusk light, trying to find the farm above Lewes indicated on the Brighton Festival map. And then we found it with a few minutes spare, parked the car in a field and stepped out into the warm May night.

Pictures tell a thousand words

We had a really interesting weekend at Spa Road looking at the impact of the Internet - especially social media - on our mindfulness.

I decided to run a course looking at the impact of internet-use on our mindfulness and it's led to lots of interesting conversations and reading on the subject.

Moving away from a life in bits

Four months ago, I lost my iPhone up on the South Downs during a particularly blustery winter walk.

I decided to not replace it and bought, in its place, a frustratingly simple Nokia handset with the most basic functionality: phone calls and (painfully slow) texts.