un-inventing the ego contraption

While we up on Holy Island this month, the retreatants and I were discussing the ludicrous tangles our thinking minds get into.

"You cannot be at your own funeral"

Speaking personally, the 'ego' and everything to do with it was a real turn-off for me previous to this Summer. There was something about the concept about the way it was bandied around by Buddhists that made my mind curdle.

from Podcast 135

We cannot blame the massive subliminal despair and defeatism we harbour about sustaining our lives on this planet just on some greedy petro-capitalists and corrupt politicians, while failing to look at ourselves and our crippling worldview that prevents us from controlling ourselves and there

22nd September 2017 - 6.30pm

One of the lovely things about being a teacher for a while is that ex-students pop up in unusual places.

A Buddhist Geek bares it all...

I was listening to my podcasts on the way home from a weekend in Devon. Daniel and I are both avid podcast consumers and I have a bunch downloaded for long car journeys like that.

My reflections on art at Gayles

This was the second of our Mindsprings summer retreats exploring the overlap of marking-marking and meditating.

Isobel, my friend and co-facilitator, makes it very clear that there is a distinction between making marks and making Art.

Why write about experience?

These are the
Silence Islands
where what outsiders
would consider
almost imperceptible
aural amusements
land like coconuts
on the crystalline
hammers and anvils
of the native inhabitants
Theirs is a refinement

Painting, Drawings and Pictures from 2016/17 Retreats

A selection of artworks from the "Drawing on Mindfulness" retreat at Gayles in 2016 and 2017. Many thanks to our wonderful artists and meditators

Marriage and the Vajrayana...

It feels like the start of term. After our unseasonably early Summer and hot spells, the year seems to have been teased into running a month ahead of itself.