...who lightens the load of others.

"No one is useless in this world who lightens the load of other" Charles Dickens,

on Western Road in Brighton, outside the Shelter Charity shop.

from Podcast 135

We cannot blame the massive subliminal despair and defeatism we harbour about sustaining our lives on this planet just on some greedy petro-capitalists and corrupt politicians, while failing to look at ourselves and our crippling worldview that prevents us from controlling ourselves and there

Reggie Ray from a talk on Bodhicitta

“To see with the eyes in not to see.
To see with the mind is not to see.
The only way we truly see things is to love them.
What we don’t love, we don’t see."

What it really means

"Surrender also means acknowledging the raw, rugged, clumsy, and shocking qualities of one's ego, acknowledging them and surrendering them as well. Generally, we find it very difficult to give out and surrender our raw and rugged qualities of ego.

Daylight anxiety

Another sunny Spring day fades away in Newhaven.

And I see it: I am happy when the sun is shining and there is daylight but I get edgy when it dims.

The daily grind and how to exit it

I spend most of yesterday having cups of tea and meals with different people, talking about the desire to break free of the humdrum patterns of life and the hypnotic compulsion of ‘to-do’ lists. How to unwind the daily grind - what the French concisely call “le train-train”.

stumbling down the mountain to ink again

Imagine a
train-track figure
made of sliver
over sliver of
vision, each
slice too brief
to add detail
or deepen: that
could be a hat
if it’s a person
if it’s a person
if it’s a person.

“The bad news is you’re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there’s no ground.”

Pictures tell a thousand words

We had a really interesting weekend at Spa Road looking at the impact of the Internet - especially social media - on our mindfulness.

Listening to Reggie Ray's excellent Dharma Ocean podcast, I heard this - :