Practice over and over till it becomes habit.

The defining emphasis of samadhi is on dropping down into space. Practice here is relentless and repetitive from the ego’s point of view but refreshing and delicious from the point of view of real life.

Anchor in the belly

Energetically, the lower belly is the arising-point of this fundamental space of life. This is where we train our awareness to drop into. It’s a much more healthy and intelligent place to rest your guiding awareness day-to-day.

Be clear about the practice.

This is not mindfulness practice which encourages a wide field of awareness and a growing comprehension of all the phenomena that unfold with in it. Nor is it visualisation that tries to change mind-states through thinking.

Practice Slogans

Following on from the Samadhi course on Holy Island, I am posting 21 days of practice tips to help people who are engaging with this meditation.

Lessons in compassion

The other day over lunch, Sussex acquaintance of mine - a “shooting, hunting’n’riding” type - was pointing out to me how his hippy and Reiki master brother wouldn’t do anything to help him if he were in trouble whereas the cantankerous, old farmer he hunted with would go out of his way to help

Isobel's take on the Drawing on Mindfulness retreat

I’ve been thinking about writing this blog all week, to be honest writing isn’t my thing. I tend to overthink it and end up with a rather clunky interpretation of my thoughts. The retreat I co-taught with Alistair was an amazing experience, a hard to describe mix of meditation and art.

Alistair's take on "Drawing on Mindfulness"

There was a lovely moment this Sunday morning where I was sitting in a room full of art - paintings hanging from the rafters, portraits stacked up against the wall, charcoal sketches on the floor - and looking around at the 15 people who had been working for the previous four days to make it.

What it really means

"Surrender also means acknowledging the raw, rugged, clumsy, and shocking qualities of one's ego, acknowledging them and surrendering them as well. Generally, we find it very difficult to give out and surrender our raw and rugged qualities of ego.

the weird energy of the depths and what to do with it

There was a great podcast from Reggie this week.

Polyvagal theory and why clarinets might help...

There was a madcap article in the New Statesman this week which tried to argue that stress was a hoax dreamed up by the tobacco industry to sell more cigarettes in the 1960s.