Retreat into the Right Brain

Tomorrow sees me setting off to the Rockies in Colorado. The Sangre de Cristo mountains to be precise. After a few busy years studying and running Mindsprings workshops, I’ve elected to spend Christmas studying with Reggie Ray at his mountain retreat centre in Crestone.
Further to some of the thoughts and insights that came out of this year’s Holy Island retreat, I’m excited that the retreat is free not only of phones, iPads, internet but also pens, paper, books and any reading or writing implements. It’s a complete holiday from the left-brain and my body-mind is fizzing with excitement and about immersing myself in it.
Consequently, I won’t be posting or writing on the site until the New Year – so this is a chance for me to wish you all a very peaceful and happy Christmas break and much insight in 2015.
The new website continues to function automatically without anyone manning the ship so you can keep on booking courses over the holiday season. There’s some interesting new courses scheduled for the coming year, please take a look…
See you on the other side!

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