22nd September 2017 - 6.30pm

One of the lovely things about being a teacher for a while is that ex-students pop up in unusual places.

In the Age of Trump, Le Pen and Brexit.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a day-long conference in Brighton hosted by the political journalist, Paul Mason.

Alongside the Brighton 12-weeker

Just to give everyone the heads-up that I am posting a brief online version of the 12 week Embodied Mindfulness/ Compassion course which runs alongside the physical group that is meeting in Brighton this winter.

the weird energy of the depths and what to do with it

There was a great podcast from Reggie this week.

A winter experience

I’ve been thinking a lot about stress lately.

Mindfulness: What it is and what it is not.

I've posted a talk that I gave in Cardiff on Friday 26th February on the subject of "Mindfulness: what it is and what it is not".

Daylight anxiety

Another sunny Spring day fades away in Newhaven.

And I see it: I am happy when the sun is shining and there is daylight but I get edgy when it dims.

I have been reading Matthew Crawford’s brilliant book The World Beyond Your Head which has really inspired me.

Stepping out into the shared World

The simple musical score of moving around in a world.

Moving away from a life in bits

Four months ago, I lost my iPhone up on the South Downs during a particularly blustery winter walk.

I decided to not replace it and bought, in its place, a frustratingly simple Nokia handset with the most basic functionality: phone calls and (painfully slow) texts.