Language #1: Cutting your thinking mind some slack

Mindsprings Blog Post Language Part 1

I’ve been grappling with the issue of language/thinking for many decades, but lately have had a few clarifying insights that I’d like to share here. I’m grateful to the brilliant community of meditators on the Mindsprings Practice Space with whom I explore these issues. And to the work of Phil Mollon, Evan Thompson and Francisco Varela […]

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The Inner Geography of the Spine

This is a transcription from a live teaching session with a question from a student about physical pain and the energy spine. You’re very welcome to join these 3x a week live sessions and participate in the meditation instruction and the discussions afterwards. They’re great… You can try out the re- and discharging the spine […]

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Loving the monkey

Mindsprings Loving the monkey Blogpost

This is a tidied up transcript of an answer I gave in the Live Sessions in December 2020. Chuck, sitting with his dog in front of his Christmas tree, was worried that he was having to visualise and discipline himself to keep on track with the 3 object practice we were exploring… OK, so here’s […]

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The Asymmetric Self

Alistair Appleton Mindsprings The Asymmetric Self

There’s a question that comes up often in the Mindsprings meditation sessions: “When I am sitting or lying doing these body-based practices, I often notice that one side of my body is completely off-line or dull compared to the other one. Is this normal?”Judging by the number of times the asymmetric self arises, I would say […]

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Coniston Water: On there being no Pure.

Mindsprings blog - Coniston water

I’m back filming for Escape to the Country and away from Daniel and the dog for the first time in months. The first time filming in a year.  And after a day shooting in the Lake District, I leave the crew and head down on foot to Coniston Water.  Like a piece of wrap-around sound […]

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Sitting Steady in the Storm

Sitting steady - somatic practice

Every news story, every conversation has the potential to knock us off centre. We’re living in very wobbly times. Even turning on the TV or the radio for a minute sends an unsettling surge of cortisol through the system. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can launch tsunamis of unsteadiness into us. Corona virus, the US elections, […]

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On Being a Teacher #2: Finding New Circles

On Being a Teacher - what it is to be a meditation teacher and how it differs from school

[If you want to read #1 first you can find it here] Starting with what a meditation teacher is not Now I’m in Edinburgh, sitting in a cafe waiting for my toasted goat’s cheese sandwich to appear. I spent the last night with my lovely friend Jenny continuing my discussion about what it is to […]

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How I became a Buddhist / 2

Alistair Appleton on summit of Holy Island

This is Part 2 of an old blog post I’ve exhumed and reposted. It’s probably more than 15 years old – but expresses in detail my early interest in the spiritual. Enjoy! Part 2: The bonfire of the “shoulds” As a child I’d had a very vivid sense of religosity. I’d sung in the village […]

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Trudy Morrison Interview with Alistair in ‘Yoga Scotland’ Magazine, September 2019

This is an interview with Alistair in the September 2019 Issue of “Yoga Scotland Magazine” by Trudy Morrison. Thanks to Trudy for her permission to reproduce it here.  from ashtanga to ayahuasca, the passionless quest of alistair appleton by trudy morrison I live in a small, dark cottage in the middle of nowhere. The only […]

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Mindsprings TV: The Sea! The Sea!

The second offering from Mindsprings TV is about the sea. Here in England we are a sea-fringed nation, constantly relating to the wide water that surrounds us. That’s not the same the world over. Although I have grown up with the sea a constant feature in my world, there are spiritual traditions where the sea […]

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