Language #3: Thinking and Language as the Bridge of Love

Mindsprings blog post Language Part 3

NOTE: I think in this last blog I am in some sense arguing myself OUT of a position that I have thoughtlessly held for many years. That is, the idea that liberation is a wordless affair, best done in the silence of the heart. What is dawning on me that this is only half of […]

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Language #2: The Real, the Imaginary and the Symbolic

Mindsprings blog post Language 2

In the first part of this blog on language and thinking, I argued that the human experience  of thinking  is fundamentally grounded in what is not and that it is inherently anxiety-evoking. And this second blog is going to suggest  – counter to what you might instinctively think as a meditator – that this is a price well-worth paying.  Deliciously, […]

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Language #1: Cutting your thinking mind some slack

Mindsprings Blog Post Language Part 1

I’ve been grappling with the issue of language/thinking for many decades, but lately have had a few clarifying insights that I’d like to share here. I’m grateful to the brilliant community of meditators on the Mindsprings Practice Space with whom I explore these issues. And to the work of Phil Mollon, Evan Thompson and Francisco Varela […]

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Loving the monkey

Mindsprings Loving the monkey Blogpost

This is a tidied up transcript of an answer I gave in the Live Sessions in December 2020. Chuck, sitting with his dog in front of his Christmas tree, was worried that he was having to visualise and discipline himself to keep on track with the 3 object practice we were exploring… OK, so here’s […]

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The Asymmetric Self

Alistair Appleton Mindsprings The Asymmetric Self

There’s a question that comes up often in the Mindsprings meditation sessions: “When I am sitting or lying doing these body-based practices, I often notice that one side of my body is completely off-line or dull compared to the other one. Is this normal?”Judging by the number of times the asymmetric self arises, I would say […]

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The Morning Malistair

Mindsprings Anxiety Malistair Blog

I’ve written before about the dread anxiety that can overcome me when I wake from sleep. Working with anxiety in a number of ways, I have managed to largely calm that morning dread down – but nowadays, what I am discovering is another morning entity: the Malistair. As I surface from the dim waters of […]

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On being ill

Mindsprings On being ill with a chronic complaint

I have a chronic complaint – nothing too serious – that comes back time and time again through my life. When I feel it coming on, I have in the past descended into a depressed state because it feels so unfair. The symptoms are mild. Irritating more than anything else. But they linger and they […]

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The power of the spine/ 3: Feeding the spine

But how do you feed a spine? When I noticed with horror – and not a little bit of shame –  that my spine was so chronically starved of energetic food. I was fortunate enough to be at the beginning of a wonderful Buddhist retreat with the teacher Rob Preece and his wife Anna.  They are extremely good […]

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The power of the spine/ 2: The desiccated spine.

The Spine - Mindsprings

I needed to replenish my beautiful spine from top to bottom if I was going to be meaningful in this world. We can look to the line of the spine for a more realistic report of our aliveness. But it doesn’t mean we won’t be shocked by what we find. I’ve just been on a […]

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The power of the spine/ 1: Hide-and-seek with the self.

Mindsprings The Spine 1

For a couple of weeks at the end of November 2020, I’ve been looking with the on-line community at the exhaustion and depletion many of us are feeling along the line of the spine. This is the energetic core of the self and it’s frightening to see how under-resourced it can be. The following are […]

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