The Inner Geography of the Spine

This is a transcription from a live teaching session with a question from a student about physical pain and the energy spine. You’re very welcome to join these 3x a week live sessions and participate in the meditation instruction and the discussions afterwards. They’re great… You can try out the re- and discharging the spine […]

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The Morning Malistair

Mindsprings Anxiety Malistair Blog

I’ve written before about the dread anxiety that can overcome me when I wake from sleep. Working with anxiety in a number of ways, I have managed to largely calm that morning dread down – but nowadays, what I am discovering is another morning entity: the Malistair. As I surface from the dim waters of […]

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Coniston Water: On there being no Pure.

Mindsprings blog - Coniston water

I’m back filming for Escape to the Country and away from Daniel and the dog for the first time in months. The first time filming in a year.  And after a day shooting in the Lake District, I leave the crew and head down on foot to Coniston Water.  Like a piece of wrap-around sound […]

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On Being a Teacher #2: Finding New Circles

On Being a Teacher - what it is to be a meditation teacher and how it differs from school

[If you want to read #1 first you can find it here] Starting with what a meditation teacher is not Now I’m in Edinburgh, sitting in a cafe waiting for my toasted goat’s cheese sandwich to appear. I spent the last night with my lovely friend Jenny continuing my discussion about what it is to […]

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Trudy Morrison Interview with Alistair in ‘Yoga Scotland’ Magazine, September 2019

This is an interview with Alistair in the September 2019 Issue of “Yoga Scotland Magazine” by Trudy Morrison. Thanks to Trudy for her permission to reproduce it here.  from ashtanga to ayahuasca, the passionless quest of alistair appleton by trudy morrison I live in a small, dark cottage in the middle of nowhere. The only […]

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My experiences with Ayahausca: Part 1

This is a blog post from 2006 that I am re-posting as part of a series on Ayahuasca, the visionary plant medicine that had such a profound effect on me in my late thirties and forties. I don’t drink Aya any more but I recently stumbled across recordings of some of the music we listened […]

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Busy-ness: It’s a Manager Thing

Busy-ness comes from old managers from the past

The Summer busy-ness is getting amplified I’ve been away. Or rather I’ve been away from my computer. And therefore away from this. But I have been doing good nourishing things, so I hope that I come back a little warmer, wiser, with some things to say.  Traditionally (and by that I mean for the last […]

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Is Tapping anti-Buddhist?

 In the early summer, I ran a course at the Spa Road Buddhist Centre in Bermondsey, London on the subject of tapping and meditation. It was the first time I had taught on these two subjects together, despite having practised and taught meditation for a couple of decades and used tapping in my personal life […]

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Tapping and Meditation: Coming Out as a Practitioner of Both

statue with tapping marks on face and torso

Tapping and meditation are my guilty secret There’s a thing that I have been keeping quiet about and I’m not sure why.  Many years ago, when I was finishing five years of therapy with my wonderful therapist, Ruthie, she looked at me and said: “You realise that we’ve been working together all these years and […]

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Working with emotions using meditation

The evolutionary background of working with emotions using meditation. We are emotional creatures.  From an evolutionary perspective, we’ve been emotional about 54x longer than we’ve been rational. And this is reflected in our bodies and brains.  Evolution doesn’t work by clean starts. It’s always working with what  was there before. So when our hominid forebears […]

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