PUBLIC TALK: Greying out the World

Dissociation and the death of Compassion
23 Mar 2018
Londesborough Lodge
The Crescent
North Yorkshire
YO11 2PW
United Kingdom

This is a public talk at the Scarborough Samye Dzong given by Alistair ahead of his weekend retreat 'Tender is the Heart'.

Speaking partly with his therapist hat on, Alistair will be exploring the fascinating subject of dissociation and how this also impacts our ability to love, relate and connect to the World around us.

The notion 'greying-out' life experience that clashes with our image of our self, or that upsets our sense of safety in the world, is a concept first proposed by the French psychologist, Pierre Janet. Oddly, although it makes perfect sense, it was 'airbrushed' out of history by the much more influential theories of Sigmund Freud. But in the last few decades it has become widely accepted and is a really useful way of understanding some of the repetitive and harmful patterns of 'not-seeing' that bedevil many of us.

Alistair ties this in with the Buddhist concept of 'ignorance' which is actually tremendously intelligent. But unexamined, dissociative patterns can stop us loving ourselves, loving our children and our partners, and they can lead to social and global blindspots which have become chronic and destructive.

All proceeds from the collection go to the Scarborough centre. No need to book but please let the centre know if you would like to come, to guarantee space: