The dangers of spiritual bypassing
23 Feb 2018
250 Cowbridge Road East
United Kingdom

This is a public talk given by Alistair ahead of his weekend course on 'I see you Mara' at the Cardiff Samye Dzong.

Central to all our spiritual practice is the needful awareness of what John Welwood calls "spiritual bypassing" or Chogyam Trungpa called "spiritual materialism". There is a constant danger that the thing we do to free ourselves from the damaging patterns of the past gets co-opted by those very patterns.

Most acutely we can notice this when we subtly or not so subtly use meditation in order to make us feel protected from the knocks of life. It's natural to want to be more comfortable, to want to minimise the stress of life and to get some 'me-time' but when meditation is hithched to this project of "ego-snugness" then the safety can soon become suffocation.

Looking at ways in which we can keep our practice connected to the realities of life and prevent ourselves from become isolated, uncompassionate cocoon-dwellers, this talk is open to all.

All proceeds of the collection go to the Samye Wales Centre.