Donna Eden’s Five Minute Energy Workout

The Five Minute Energy Workout

Adapted from: The Promise of Energy Psychology David Feinstein, Donna Eden, Gary Craig, Penguin: New York 2005

three thumps

thump k27 (just below collarbone) this makes sure the meridians are going forwards

thump thymus (in the middle of the chest – clutching pearls / Tarzan)

activates thymus gland – gets immune system strong

thump an inch or so under breast (7 and 8 rib) (or 4 inches under armpits) three finger punch – activates metabolism

cross crawl

walking on the spot (or walking) swing legs and arms in counterswing – cross over the central line in an exaggerated way

equalizes the energies

wayne cook

put left leg across the right at the ankle. Cross the right hand across the left and touch the hips. Put the tongue behind the upper front teeth. Breath in and out for about a minute. Make tent with your fingers and move them up and down in front of your top three chakras (from throat down to crown and back up again)

unscrambles your energies.

crown pull

put fingers together in middle of forehead and pull them apart, stretching the skin of the forhead.

repeat up along the central line of the scalp – each time pushing fingers in and then pulling apart in combing move

opens the crown chakra and clears blockages

pulling the ears

tug and pull the ears  – from bottom lobe all the way to top

opens your mind and allows you to access more information

connecting heaven and earth

standing up with hands flat on front of thighs, breath in and circle hands up into prayer position in front of heart.

breath in and lift one hand up and the other down – hands flattened. breath out down to prayer position  x3 .

brings energy through all body-locks, flowing up and down (good before sleep and waking up)

Lowen’s earthing

Come up on tiptoes and hang forward (soften knees) and breath. Hold the energy in your thighs, calves, the arches of your feet. Use your fingers to balance if you need to – otherwise let the legs tremble with the energy of standing. Slowly lower heels and feel the strong connection downwards.

Strengthens energy downwards, earthing the system and bring the gravity down from the head.

neurolymphatic massage

massage each point for at least 5 seconds – pay attention to points that are tender

under collar bone, on either side of clavicle – where the arm is ‘sewn’ on to the torso; along the sternum, under the breast, inbetween the ribs, under the ribs – the spleen point between breast circle and rib cage – an inch on eithe side of the naval, along the pubic bone, on the outside of the thighs.

zip up

with both hands drap up an imaginary zip from under the pubic bone to the bottom of the lip – breathign in – circle arms back down to pelvis and repeat three times

keeps body integrity – energies strong and protected

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