From “The Last Days (Os Últimos Dias)”

And the earth will swallow us.
But not yet, not yet.

Keep on moving,
keep producing and possessing.

See some old places,
visit some new ones.

Feel the cold, the heat, fatigue.
Stop for a moment; continue.

Discover in your movements
unknown forces, connections.

The pleasure of stretching; the pleasure
of crouching, holding still.

Pleasure of balancing, pleasure of flying.

Pleasure of hearing music;
letting your hands slide over the paper.

The inviolable pleasure of seeing;
certain colours; how they dissolve, how they adhere;
certain objects, different in a new light.

Keep on inhaling the fragrance of fruit
and rain-spattered earth, keep grabbing,
imagining, and recording, keep remembering.

A little more time! To meet a few more people.
To learn how they live, to help them.

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