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Here’s the Mindsprings news for November and December 2018 and a look ahead into 2019.

What’s been happening

Autumn is a time of consolidation here at Mindsprings. 

The summer was very eventful with visits from my teacher Reggie Ray to the UK and a long retreat with him in Colorado. 

More significantly for  Mindsprings we enjoyed two powerful retreats up on Holy Island. A summer one in blistering heat exploring the sitting practice of meditation and then a much more blustery October course looking at the experience of ultimate bodhicitta in the heart. 

Interspersed between these there were also courses in London looking at the emotions and the practice of tonglen.

Excerpts from the Holy Island retreats will eventually surface in the Mindsprings Podcast which is available all year round… 

What’s coming up

The winter months are a little quieter for Mindsprings as I spend some time preparing new projects, doing some study and practice retreats of my own. 

However, I’m really delighted to be running a  course in Edinburgh for the first time. It’s a surprisingly sold-out course on Anxiety and its popularity only confirms my belief that anxiety is a really central issue at the moment. And I also believe that embodied meditation has a very important path in working with it. 

I’m hoping to re-run the course in another venue in the beginning of 2019 – and also produce an online version. 

What’s on the horizon

There will be three new weekend courses in London in the first half of 2019 – details to follow soon. 

The two Holy Island retreats are already up. The summer one in July looking at the foundational practices of somatic meditation. And the October one this year being set aside for more seasoned practitioners and looking at the practice of  ‘maitri’ or self compassion. For more information on these, please click here

We’re hoping that 2019 will also see an increase of on-line offerings for those of you unable to afford to travel to courses or who prefer to practice at home. 

Please do drop me a line if there is a particular practice or area you would like to see Mindsprings tackling. We always like to respond the members of our community… 

As always there are regular posts on the Mindsprings blog and if you enjoy our podcasts then please do take time to review it on the iTunes store…

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