Simple Somatic Sitting

This is a very direct and inspired guided meditation that Alistair gave at St. Mary’s Brighton in December 2019. It was a lovely group and somehow the practice seemed to land well with people. It’s a great introduction to the simple but also vast practice of ‘simple sitting’ with a strong somatic feel…


Three Levels of Breath Sitting Up

This is a guided meditation from the Brighton 2019 Somatic course where Alistair guides the group in a seated version of ‘Three Levels of the Breath’.

You can read more about Alistair’s thoughts on teaching this practice here.


Somatic Sitting Practice 16 Points

compassion retreat on Holy Island Oct 2019

Content of Guided Meditation Somatic Sitting Practice – 16 Points

This is a 24′ guided meditation of the Somatic Sitting Practice, guided by Alistair Appleton. It’s done sitting up comfortably in a chair, feet flat on the floor, hands resting on lap. Or sitting cross-legged if that is comfortable for you. [ Extracted from the 2018 ‘Being Still, Still Being’ Holy Island retreat.]

What you’ll hear

  • initial instructions to feel the whole body
  • postural and earthing instructions
  • guidance through the 16-point of posture
  • time to ‘rest in the soma’ and experience pure awareness

If you want to experience more of this

The Summer Retreat on Holy island 2020 is focusing on sitting practice.  

Listen here for free: 



Sit the Downs (Audio)

This is the guided meditation (audio) from Alistair Appleton’s “Sit the Downs” meditation. Using somatic meditation to connect with the energy and wisdom of the landscape. Full 25′ video is available here.


Reggie’s Lineage of Embodiment

5 of 5: In the last extract from Alistair’s 2019 talk in Edinburgh, he talks about the here-and-now possibilities opened up by the teachings of Reggie Ray, his teacher. The somatic path allows us to love our bodies and find freedom.


The Body as a Buddhafield

Part 4 of 5: In this fourth section of his talk in Edinburgh, Alistair explore the alternative history of tantric Buddhism which treats the body as completely sacred and as the pathway to Liberation.


The Current Age of Disembodiment

Part 3 of 5: Continuing his Edinburgh lecture, Alistair considers the way that contemporary culture paradoxically makes us more and more unhappy with our bodies. The internet allows for total disembodiment and consumerism welcomes it.


Tapping – The Big View

This is an excerpt from Alistair Appleton’s course in London on the 1st and 2nd of June 2019, on ‘Tapping into Freedom’. It came at the end of the weekend when Alistair was exploring the deepest motivations of using tapping in the Buddhist context.


The Body as a Battlefield

Part 2 of 5: In the second part of his Edinburgh talk, Alistair runs through the history of our relationship with the body from early hunter-gathers to the Instagram age.


What Turns Us Against Our Bodies?

Part one of five: Alistair gave a talk in Edinburgh in February entitled “The Body is A Buddhafield, Not a Battlefield”. In this first part he asks the question: ‘What turns us against our bodies?’