Guided Meditation: Three Levels of Breath

Content of Guided Meditation Three Levels of Breath

Alistair leads you in a 25′ guided meditation exploring the somatic tool of the ‘three levels of breath’. The practice is done lying on your back, comfortably, with your hands on your belly and feet flat on the floor, knees together. [Excerpted from the Scarborough “Tender is the Heart” course in March 2018]

What you’ll hear

  • intro and brief ‘polyvagal tuning’
  • exploration of the physical breath (outer)
  • experience of the energetic breath (inner)
  • the subtle or secret breath of awareness
  • the lower belly as a special area of awareness
  • lower-belly breathing to purify and clear this space

If you want to experience more of this

Check out Alistair’s Introduction to Somatic Meditation at Spa Road in London May 2018. 

Listen here for free: 

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Greying Out the World: 1: La-la-la-ing my life away…

This is part one of a talk Alistair gave in Scarborough on 23 March 2018 at the Samye Dzong at Londesborough Lodge. It’s a light-hearted exploration of the human defence of dissociation, a subject close to Alistair’s heart…

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“We’ll all go together when we go”: the terrific reminder of our deaths

An excerpt from the February 2018 “Time Terror” course at Spa Road in London.
Alistair is unpacking the second of the Four Reminders, Tibetan Buddhist texts to bring us back to life.

The 2nd Reminder runs: Remembering that death is real and comes without warning, / Recalling that this body will become a corpse,/ Knowing that my chance to practice dharma is brief,/ I undertake this practice.

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“Is Meditation Enough?” : Cardiff Public Talk, February 2018

This is a talk by Alistair Appleton given in Cardiff on 23rd February 2018 on the subject ‘Is Meditation Enough?’ – it’s a wide ranging and relaxed introduction to Alistair’s stance on the role of meditation in contemporary life… Sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy Alistair in full, off-the-cuff flow….

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Ego is a lethal addiction to painkillers

Taken from the September 2017 weekend retreat on “I see you, Mara”, Alistair talks about how this problematic notion of the “ego” can be understood as an excess of thinking, a slipknot round your own throat or as Reggie Ray describes it, an lethal addiction to painkillers…

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If the Open Space is so good…

This is excerpted from the 2016 Samadhi retreat, where Alistair explains the subtle way in which Buddhism understands the “scrunch” of the ego.

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Definitions of Mindfulness…

Recorded at the August 2017 Gayles “Drawing on Mindfulness” retreat, Alistair gives a fundamental overview of the different streams of meditation coming out of the Indian Tradition and notes how mindfulness is unique and distinct from other forms.

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A bigger frame…

This is a recording of a chat between Alistair Appleton and the art teacher Isobel Dutton after the close of the Gayles ‘Drawing on Mindfulness’ retreat in August 2017. Over a cup of tea, they talk about the similarities between art anxiety and meditation anxiety and how making a mark and being your true self both require ‘breaking the frame’.

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10 ways to stop your brain becoming…

This is the last bit of Internet related podcastery for a while. It’s the 10 bits of advice I gave at the end of my 2015 talk on the Internet and Meditation in Scarborough.

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