Earth Descent

Content of Guided Meditation Earth Descent

Alistair leads you in a 30′ guided meditation exploring the somatic tool of the ‘Earth Descent’. The practice is done lying on your back, comfortably, with your hands on your belly and feet flat on the floor, knees together. [Excerpted from the Edinburgh Introduction to Embodied Meditation Weekend in February 2019]

What you’ll hear

  • relaxation of the whole body and brief PVT
  • using the breath to open the awareness downwards
  • softening the ‘back margin’ of the body
  • dropping down awareness into space of the “Earth” below
  • dropping deeper and deeper 
  • breathing up the qualities of the Earth-Space into the physical body

If you want to experience more of this

Check out Alistair’s Introduction to Somatic Meditation at Spa Road in London May 2018. 

Listen here for free: 

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