The painful constriction of the ego

This is an excerpt from the talk Alistair and Ajahn Sudara gave at the British Museum in September 2017, looking at the path of Buddhist practice and how that impacts on contemporary practitioners.

(from 'I see you, Mara')

Taken from the September 2017 weekend retreat on "I see you, Mara", Alistair talks about how this problematic notion of the "ego" can be understood as an excess of thinking, a slipknot round your own throat or as Reggie Ray describes it, an lethal addiction to painkillers...

...why doesn't the ego get behind us?

This is excerpted from the 2016 Samadhi retreat, where Alistair explains the subtle way in which Buddhism understands the "scrunch" of the ego.

...and why it's important not to muddle meditations

Recorded at the August 2017 Gayles "Drawing on Mindfulness" retreat, Alistair gives a fundamental overview of the different streams of meditation coming out of the Indian Tradition and notes how mindfulness is unique and distinct from other forms.

a chat about art and meditation

This is a recording of a chat between Alistair Appleton and the art teacher Isobel Dutton after the close of the Gayles 'Drawing on Mindfulness' retreat in August 2017. Over a cup of tea, they talk about the similarities between art anxiety and meditation anxiety and how making a mark and being your true self both require 'breaking the frame'.