A minimal guided meditation from Gayles 2015

This is the bare-bones guided meditation for the Beingfulness practice - it last just over 30'. It was recorded on the Gayles retreat 2015. The practice begins lying down and half-way through moves to sitting.

Earthing and "sweet spot"

This is a 25' guided meditation from our Spa Road "Mind the App" weekend. It consists of c. 15' lying meditation and then 10' sitting up.

Guided Meditation 30'

This is a 30 minute guided meditation from our Thoughts & Thinking retreat at Gayles 2015. It is in two parts, one lying down and the other sitting up.

23' Guided Meditation

This is a guided practice session of Beingfulness as taught on the March 2015 retreat at the Isis Centre in Jersey. It runs for 23'

Guided meditation 20'

This is the basic practice around working with anxiety-provoking thoughts - establishing the skill of moving attention consciously from the earthed 'backspace' of the body and forward into the conceptual 'frontspace' where thoughts happen. Recorded for the Dublin Anxiety Course 2015.