Guided Meditation, 20 minutes

This is a 20 minute guided meditation in the practice of earthing. You should use a strap or scarf to tie your knees together and lie back on the floor with your knees bend, feet flat on the floor. Head can be supported by a cushion, hands on the belly. From the Dublin "Anxiety and the Mind" course, January 2015

Guided Meditation c. 17 minutes

This is the basic guidance for a very simple form of mindfulness as taught at the Anxiety Weekend at Spa Road in November 2014. It's about 17 minutes long.

recorded in 2012

This is a simple but powerful exercise that works through the body clenching and relaxing different body parts. The body is good at relaxing but often forgets that it is tensed. This bottom up practice allows for deep relaxation.

From Spa Road in 2012

This is a basic guided meditation to relax the body - best done lying down, flat on the floor.

From the Abbey 2014

From the October 2014 Samadhi weekend at the Abbey in Oxfordshire. This is a 20 minute guided version of the basic samadhi practice.