Somatic Sitting Practice 16 Points

compassion retreat on Holy Island Oct 2019

Content of Guided Meditation Somatic Sitting Practice – 16 Points

This is a 24′ guided meditation of the Somatic Sitting Practice, guided by Alistair Appleton. It’s done sitting up comfortably in a chair, feet flat on the floor, hands resting on lap. Or sitting cross-legged if that is comfortable for you. [ Extracted from the 2018 ‘Being Still, Still Being’ Holy Island retreat.]

What you’ll hear

  • initial instructions to feel the whole body
  • postural and earthing instructions
  • guidance through the 16-point of posture
  • time to ‘rest in the soma’ and experience pure awareness

If you want to experience more of this

The Summer Retreat on Holy island 2020 is focusing on sitting practice.  

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