My Mindful Life

This was a talk given by Alistair Appleton at the CABS Business Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe during his trip to Africa in February 2009. It’s an impromtu ramble over many subjects connected to Mindfulness and Alistair’s experiences in Zimbabwe - fairly relaxed and chatty. The talk is introduced by Alistair’s fantastic hostess in Africa, Pam Sheehan.

A talk given in Norwich in 2012

Alistair was invited by the Interfaith Chapter of Norwich Diocese to give a talk on religious attitudes to sexuality. The talk ranges over all religions and discusses the fear of sexuality and how some forms of mystic practice find a way to integrate this central part of human experience.

From the Abbey 2014

From the October 2014 Samadhi weekend at the Abbey in Oxfordshire. This is a 20 minute guided version of the basic samadhi practice.

From Gayles Weekend

From the Summer weekend at Gayles in Sussex. This is a guided meditation of the basic practice of mindfulness - settling, exploring the four fields and entering the fifth field.