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Worried Minds, Peaceful Bodies: working with anxiety and panic

The importance of working with anxiety and panic  So many modern people live in an almost constant state of anxiety. We might be conscious of it: in panic attacks, anxious moods, obsessive worry or phobias. Or we might be unconscious of it: compulsive busyness, addictions, self-criticism or grandiosity. Anxiety and the avoidance of anxiety is […]

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SMELLING SALTS #3: James Baldwin

People pay for what they do, and still more for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it very simply; by the lives they lead. JAMES BALDWIN

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The Morning Dread: Shaking Hands with Anxiety

A horrible year of anxiety  completely ruined my sleep cycle. I used to sleep like a log. Like my father in fact, who falls asleep instantly and wakes early each morning. I used to sleep like that. A satisfying black-out with no consequences that I can remember. I simply got up and started my day.  […]

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The pleasure of being scared in the dark

Frensham Pond in Surrey was where I felt it.  Feeling pretty crappy after a weird virus that left me with really sore knuckle-joints and ankles, I bailed on a team dinner and stayed at the hotel. I thought it would be good to go for a little walk before crashing under the duvet. All week […]

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