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Mindsprings TV: Head-in-the-Sand Land

Following on from my blog about the butterflies on my fig tree and the dawning realisation that the climate catastrophe is happening, I took a moment before heading up to Scotland for the annual Mindsprings Autumn retreat to ponder the dissociation that arises when we think about it. I’m sure there’s a part of you […]

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Busy-ness: It’s a Manager Thing

Busy-ness comes from old managers from the past

The Summer busy-ness is getting amplified I’ve been away. Or rather I’ve been away from my computer. And therefore away from this. But I have been doing good nourishing things, so I hope that I come back a little warmer, wiser, with some things to say.  Traditionally (and by that I mean for the last […]

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The Morning Dread: Shaking Hands with Anxiety

A horrible year of anxiety  completely ruined my sleep cycle. I used to sleep like a log. Like my father in fact, who falls asleep instantly and wakes early each morning. I used to sleep like that. A satisfying black-out with no consequences that I can remember. I simply got up and started my day.  […]

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There’s a weekend workshop coming up in couple of weeks at Spa Road on Presence and Dissociation. I’m slightly regretting using such daunting words in the title, but the therapeutic concept of dissociation is such a powerful one that I couldn’t resist. Basically, we will be looking at ‘zoning out’… How and when and why […]

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Savouring the bittersaltsweetsour of life: mindfulness, dissociation and tastebuds

Another weekend at the coal face of mindfulness. That makes it sound hard, dirty work, which it wasn’t. Infact Kim and Dylan showered us with culinary plenty (Sri Lankan Butternut Squash curry anyone?) and the water-meadow-flooding rain made everything in the Abbey gardens intensely green. We did have windows of sunshine too, which allowed us […]

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Mindfulness vs. Dissociation: now it’s relational…

I’m deep in the middle of a research project for my therapy training about the fascinating subject of dissocation and how it impacts our mindfulness. Dissociation is like the hidden narrative that was air-brushed out of the history of psychoanalysis by the followers of Freud, who rejected it in favour of his theory of repression. […]

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