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Tapping into Freedom: Meditation and Energy Psychology

An introduction to Meditation and Energy Psychology Energy psychology is the name given to therapeutic tapping techniques like EFT, AIT and EMDR. For example, EMDR is a NICE approved treatment for trauma.  This Summer, Alistair Appleton is giving a weekend introduction to how these techniques work together with somatic meditation. For more than 10 years, […]

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Words of Wonder #1: Martha Graham

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will […]

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Forcible Thereness

Back filming for Escape to the Country and enjoying the other headspace that being outside of London and away from psychotherapy books brings. Walking the country mile from the station at Buxted down to the hotel I was struck by the soft, summery air and the potent forms of nettles and trees, kerbstones and hedgerows. […]

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Energywork and Meditation

My therapy work has got me interested in the field of energy psychology. Working with trauma – highly painful, emotionally-charged events from the past that impact on the here-and-now – psychologist and therapist have started working with bodywork techniques. There is a practice called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming) which the NHS now uses […]

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