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Maitri: the Buddhist practice of self-acceptance

What is maitri?  The Buddhist conception of compassion is profound. On one level there is a strong drive to let go of ‘self’ and put others first. But, before we can truly do that we need profound self-acceptance. Otherwise we might waste our life-energy in self-hatred. Or worse still,  our ‘compassion’ will be eaten up […]

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Worried Minds, Peaceful Bodies: working with anxiety and panic

The importance of working with anxiety and panic  So many modern people live in an almost constant state of anxiety. We might be conscious of it: in panic attacks, anxious moods, obsessive worry or phobias. Or we might be unconscious of it: compulsive busyness, addictions, self-criticism or grandiosity. Anxiety and the avoidance of anxiety is […]

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Summer Meditation Retreat 2019: The Body is the Ground

HI Mindsprings July Retreat 2019

Our annual Summer retreat on Holy Island for beginners Mindsprings summer meditation retreat on Holy Island is aimed at anyone who is looking to explore practice in a more body-based way. Taught by Alistair Appleton and  Kirsty Davidson. Suitable for practiced meditators and complete beginners alike, the 7 -retreat is a chance to visit meditation afresh in […]

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Tapping into Freedom: Meditation and Energy Psychology

An introduction to Meditation and Energy Psychology Energy psychology is the name given to therapeutic tapping techniques like EFT, AIT and EMDR. For example, EMDR is a NICE approved treatment for trauma.  This Summer, Alistair Appleton is giving a weekend introduction to how these techniques work together with somatic meditation. For more than 10 years, […]

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Heart to Heart – solving relationship problems, the embodied way

The first of Alistair’s London meditation courses this year is looking at relationship problems. This March,  Alistair is looking at how we can use embodied meditation to help us relate better. How can we connect heart-to-heart and avoid relationship problems? The answer is to be more embodied. All Alistair’s courses point to the importance of […]

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Introduction to Embodied Meditation in Edinburgh

Alistair is teaching embodied meditation in Edinburgh.  Following the big success of his anxiety course, Alistair Appleton is back in the Scottish capital running a course on embodied meditation in Edinburgh.  Based on his work as psychotherapist and his studies with the American Dharma teacher, Reggie Ray, Alistair is leading a weekend introduction to the […]

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Leaving the Toddler Mind at the Porch of the Church

An art historian with a spooky and potentially kinky relationship I was just reading a lovely article by the New York composer Nico Muhly in the London Review of Books. He was describing his method of composition – which seems to involve a dizzying array of folders and layers and copies and projects which he […]

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Free Event: August Bank Holiday Morning Meditation

What is the August Bank Holiday Morning Meditation? As part of the brand-new Newhaven Festival in Sussex, Alistair is hosting a number of free activities, including a August Bank Holiday Morning Meditation. It’s a reprise of his popular “Sit the Downs” practice on the chalky hills of his home town.  Why “Sit the Downs”? The […]

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“Are you sitting uncomfortably…?” – The perils of being comfortable

A failure to empty the dishwasher correctly amounts to a War Crime There’s a great Milan Kundera quote: “The longing for order is at the same time a longing for death, because life is an incessant disruption of order.” This is something that I have – in a slightly more buoyant fashion – been contemplating […]

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Mindfulness vs. Dissociation: now it’s relational…

I’m deep in the middle of a research project for my therapy training about the fascinating subject of dissocation and how it impacts our mindfulness. Dissociation is like the hidden narrative that was air-brushed out of the history of psychoanalysis by the followers of Freud, who rejected it in favour of his theory of repression. […]

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