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Worried Minds, Peaceful Bodies: working with anxiety and panic

Worried Minds, Peaceful Bodies at Spa Road, London, 14-15 December 2019

The importance of working with anxiety and panic  So many modern people live in an almost constant state of anxiety. We might be conscious of it: in panic attacks, anxious moods, obsessive worry or phobias. Or we might be unconscious of it: compulsive busyness, addictions, self-criticism or grandiosity. Anxiety and the avoidance of anxiety are […]

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Surviving Family Christmas – the mindful way

Christmas is the space to observe the effect the family can have on our wellbeing Meditation practice does have some good pointers for surviving family Christmas. And most of them revolve around how potent families can be for showing up our foibles.  Ram Dass, faced by a rather smug bunch of his students, once said: […]

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Mindfulness vs. Dissociation: now it’s relational…

I’m deep in the middle of a research project for my therapy training about the fascinating subject of dissocation and how it impacts our mindfulness. Dissociation is like the hidden narrative that was air-brushed out of the history of psychoanalysis by the followers of Freud, who rejected it in favour of his theory of repression. […]

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Compassionate Spaces in the body, in the air, in the Other.

The course up on Holy Island was truely wonderful this year. It was a great group and there was a palpable energy flowing round the Peace Hall, all conducive to some excellent work. The course up on Holy Island was truely wonderful this year. It was a great group and there was a palpable energy […]

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Getting mindfulness off the cushion and into … well, the bedroom, for example

I’m very excited about the workshops coming up this autumn – they’re all pushing mindfulness into different directions. There’s compassionate mindfulness and savouring at the Spa Road centre with me, Alistair, and then in a lovely return to the Special Yoga Centre in Kensal Rise, Kathy Osborne and I are running a weekend looking at […]

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Mindful musing on mindless violence

I’m still a bit dizzy from the events in London town these last few days but one thing jumped out of the disorientating static of misinformation, knee-jerk rage and analysis in the media. I was struck by the number of times the word “mindless” cropped up on Twitter and Facebook and in politician’s mouths. “Mindless […]

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clarifying mindfulness

Had a wonderful retreat in the cold, perpetual daylight of Iceland. The lovely Reykjavik sangha organized a fantastic 35-person retreat in a school out in the Iclendic countryside – about 45 minutes from the capital.

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Energywork and Meditation

My therapy work has got me interested in the field of energy psychology. Working with trauma – highly painful, emotionally-charged events from the past that impact on the here-and-now – psychologist and therapist have started working with bodywork techniques. There is a practice called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming) which the NHS now uses […]

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Even as the British winter shivers in, I am tremendously excited about Mindsprings summer excursion to Iceland. I was there in August for a weekend break and we travelled into the interior and sat on a mountain in the bright sunshine at 11pm, and I was struck by the preternatural silence that reigns there. The […]

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Earlier this year I took up kickboxing. It was in the middle of a very grim and gloomy February when I was struggling with lots of demons and feeling unremittingly bleak. Mindfulness practice, sat on my cushion, was struggling to exorcise all the grey, but I had an inkling that exercise might. Mindfulness is, of […]

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