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An Introduction to Embodied Meditation in Ireland

Alistair is teaching embodied meditation in Ireland.  After a 2 year break, Alistair Appleton is back in Dublin to teach a weekend exploring Embodied Meditation in Ireland. Based on his work as psychotherapist and his studies with the American Dharma teacher, Reggie Ray, Alistair is leading a 2-day introduction to the field of ‘embodied meditation‘. […]

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From the Scarborough Retreat

looking down Scarborough Promendade towards the castle and across the bay

[This is an excerpt from the recent ‘Tender Heart’ Scarborough Retreat held in March 2019.] Q: You mentioned the  Earth being already enlightened and that it was the Earth that made us enlightened, not our own efforts, Can you elaborate on that? A: The truth is that the thinking mind, the ego, can’t get anywhere […]

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Mögu & My Problem with Teachers

Holy Island Mindsprings Winter Retreat Blog

The need to be a ‘know-it-all’ I have a problem with teachers.  When I was little  – for various reasons I won’t bore you with – I always felt that I had to know the answer before the question was asked. The possibility of being wrong or not being ‘perfect’ was a big problem for […]

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Wordsworth’s Prelude: Stealing a Boat on Derwent Water

Wordsworth is a key figure in Reggie’s understanding of dharma. Strange that a 19th Century Cumbrian poet should feature so strongly in a 20th Century American Buddhist scholar’s worldview but he does.  I studied Wordsworth’s autobiographical poem, ‘The Prelude’, at school and was always struck by some of his childhood recollections of moments of sublime […]

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Between retreat. 

Moving from field to field It is a week since we packed up and left Croydon Hall in Somerset. That was the location of Reggie and Caroline’s UK retreat for Dharma Ocean. A 10-day experience of blistering intensity and also beauty. It was called “Fields of enlightenment”.  The day after tomorrow I head up to […]

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