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Maitri: the Buddhist practice of self-acceptance

What is maitri?  The Buddhist conception of compassion is profound. On one level there is a strong drive to let go of ‘self’ and put others first. But, before we can truly do that we need profound self-acceptance. Otherwise we might waste our life-energy in self-hatred. Or worse still,  our ‘compassion’ will be eaten up […]

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Busy-ness: It’s a Manager Thing

Busy-ness comes from old managers from the past

The Summer busy-ness is getting amplified I’ve been away. Or rather I’ve been away from my computer. And therefore away from this. But I have been doing good nourishing things, so I hope that I come back a little warmer, wiser, with some things to say.  Traditionally (and by that I mean for the last […]

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Leaving the Toddler Mind at the Porch of the Church

An art historian with a spooky and potentially kinky relationship I was just reading a lovely article by the New York composer Nico Muhly in the London Review of Books. He was describing his method of composition – which seems to involve a dizzying array of folders and layers and copies and projects which he […]

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Surviving Family Christmas – the mindful way

Christmas is the space to observe the effect the family can have on our wellbeing Meditation practice does have some good pointers for surviving family Christmas. And most of them revolve around how potent families can be for showing up our foibles.  Ram Dass, faced by a rather smug bunch of his students, once said: […]

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Compassionate Spaces in the body, in the air, in the Other.

The course up on Holy Island was truely wonderful this year. It was a great group and there was a palpable energy flowing round the Peace Hall, all conducive to some excellent work. The course up on Holy Island was truely wonderful this year. It was a great group and there was a palpable energy […]

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Getting mindfulness off the cushion and into … well, the bedroom, for example

I’m very excited about the workshops coming up this autumn – they’re all pushing mindfulness into different directions. There’s compassionate mindfulness and savouring at the Spa Road centre with me, Alistair, and then in a lovely return to the Special Yoga Centre in Kensal Rise, Kathy Osborne and I are running a weekend looking at […]

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