Julia first dipped her toe in the waters of the meditative world back in 1995 when, amidst a crumbling relationship, she stumbled on a short meditation instruction in Sogyal Rinpoche’s “Tibetan Book of Living and Dying”. Following the words with earnest, she found that she felt calmer and more able to face the break-up.

Not long afterwards, she became a student of Dhiravamsa, a teacher who was raised in the Thai Buddhist tradition. Dhiravamsa had come to the West in the mid 60’s as Abbot of the Thai Buddhist Mission to Great Britain, effectively serving all of Western Europe from its home base in London. Julia met Dhiravamsa in Australia after he had disrobed and was drawn to his work combining Vipassana meditation with Qi Gong, dream work, active imagination work, holistic healing and studies of the Enneagram. She supported his teaching, helping to organise retreats and teaching tours. She also studied with Insight Meditation teachers at Wat Buddha Dhamma retreat centre outside Sydney, and Gaia House in the UK, spending a month or more of each year on retreat.

Since 2009, Julia has been studying with Reggie Ray, a contemporary teacher in the Tibetan Vajrayana style. Reggie’s body-based or somatic approach is powerful and utterly relevant for our modern situation. Julia supports the organisation of Reggie’s retreat programs in the UK and considers him her teacher.

Julia has an Honours Degree in Psychology, and has trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Sensorimotor trauma resolution. She is particularly interested in the interface between somatic meditation, somatic psychotherapy and trauma. Based on her own experience of growing up in a highly dysfunctional family, she believes that integrated resolution of complex developmental trauma is entirely possible, and that we can all experience a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Julia’s has a personal and relaxed approach to teaching, inviting all aspects of herself and participants to be welcomed with open arms. After 22 years living in Australia, Julia currently lives in rural Devon. She is a single mum to an amazing teenage daughter.

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