The Sea! The Sea!

The second offering from Mindsprings TV is about the sea.

Here in England, we are a sea-fringed nation, constantly relating to the wide water that surrounds us.

That’s not the same the world over. Although I have grown up with the sea a constant feature in my world, there are spiritual traditions where the sea is less prominent.

Tibetan spirituality for example, developed in the high Himalayan plateau, many hundreds of miles away from any experience of the ocean. So it seems important when transplanting those high-mountain spiritualities to also allow for the local ‘deities’ of salty water.

Some other spiritualities – Brazilian orixas for example are very maritime – but I was puzzling about how to incorporate the shapeless, present-but-not-present quality of the sea into my practice.

As you can hear the sound of the sea and the wind is quite prominent. We’re working on making it sound a bit nicer in future. (You think I’d know how these things work!)

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